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Three more collections have finally made it into Lifework. Just before Christmas "Pegasus" was uploaded, and "Canberra Churchmen and Churches" is the first upload for 2014.
A brand new collection "Australian Oyster Farmers" was launched at Parliament House on March 20, and will be initially exhibited at the Narooma Oyster Festival on April 5-6, and later at a number of towns on the NSW South Coast from Nowra to Eden.

Portrait of Australian Oyster Farmer Paul Emmanual by heide Smith
Australian Oyster Farmer Paul Emmanual 2013
See the exhibition at Narooma Oyster Festival April 5-6. Be there!
Can't make it? Follow the link to Portraits of Australian Oyster Farmers



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The site is called Lifework because it showcases Heide Smith's best known work taken over a period of more than half a century. Most of the images have been exhibited and many have been published.


For collectors there are limited edition and vintage photographs, boxed sets and books. For the curious there are collections of portraits of  well known Australian and international celebrities and landscapes from around the world.


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"Heide Smith has become Australia's most important female photographer of recent times. Of course, this also makes her one of Australia's most important contemporary photographers, but women have particularly struggled to be seen in this country, and history will, one day, record the true value of Heide's contribution to our visual history"

Paul Burrows Profoto Magazine 2009

Heide Smith's photographs have been exhibited around the world. Eleven books of her photographs have been published, and in 2009 she was awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. There is more information on Heide's lifework in about heide"

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