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Portraits of Indigenous Australians


About Limited edition photographs

The photographs

Earlier images in my collections were shot on either negative or transparency film, processed in the traditional way, and are now held on file. Most have been scanned as digital files but the integrity of the original photograph has been retained. Today, everything is digitally printed onto archival fine art paper. In my opinion, these digital prints are at least as good as anything I was able to achieve in my traditional darkroom; and they have equally good archival qualities.



Each print in my gallery has been photographed and printed by myself; each is signed and numbered, and includes the date the photograph was taken, the date it was printed, a certificate of authenticity, and is presented ready for framing.


Image sizes

Images are printed to approximately 50cm x 50cm, depending upon image proportions. This is the size of the image, not the paper on which it is printed, which will be larger. The size is shown beneath each image. Sizes may vary slightly, and non standard sizes may be available on request.


Prices for Limited edition photographs


Only a small percentage of images in collections are selected and digitally printed as “limited edition prints”;
 "Limited Edition of 7" is the total number of  single prints that will be offered for sale for that image. As an image sells, the price for remaining prints in the edition will automatically increase.


Ordering photographs


Each image page in this gallery contains;
details of size, history, price and presentation,
and an email link if you need more information

4 little Tiwi - Limited Edition Indigenous Australians
4 little Tiwi-1988
"In Smith’s office, I was deeply impressed by the scores of large boxes that contain her negatives.
The volume of work is staggering, but so is the subject matter.
Not only has she photographed almost every Australian VIP,
she has photographed many foreign dignitaries, including the Dalai Lama
on one end of the cultural and spiritual scale, and Bill Gates on the other
I suspect that there would be few photographers in the world
unhappy with a distillation of work of such depth and breadth.
Stephen Williams Canberra Times  9 Sep 2000
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